Welcome to St Adalbert Parish in Mucharz!

Our parish was named after Saint Adalbert, the first bishop of Prague, who was invited by Boleslaus I, duke of Poland, to evangelize the Prussians of Pomeraniais in the first half of the 11th century. On his way to the north, Saint Adalbert stayed for a while in Mucharz and, according to local tradition, celebrated Holy Mass in our church. His presence in this area strengthened local people’s faith and importance of the village.

Nowadays, life of Mucharz is led by the heartbeat of the parish. Our Parish Priest, Father Christopher, is never tired of reminding us of the Love of Christ. Parish groups, such as Apostles of Faith, Home Church, Church choir, Altar Boys, Rosary Groups, Galilea Community (group concentrated on new evangelization movement) and many others, meet regularly to grow in faith and love of Jesus. A significant number of the parish community members take part in pilgrimages,  mountain hikes, concerts, retreats and other events that gather us in the name of Jesus. We also run “Helping Hand” charity to help locals in need.  

All for Love.

We are looking forward to meeting pilgrims from all over the world and in particular the WYD 2016 pilgrims from overseas. We will eagerly make them part of our community and include them into our big Mucharz family.